Traditions - Reverie 2011 - Traditions

Christmas in Kauai.  That sounds like an amazing family tradition, doesn’t it?  And maybe one day it will be.  This Christmas is dedicated instead to the dog we love – Atticus!  You could say he ate the family vacation.  The trip funds were certainly swallowed alive.  All due to one little ACL gone awry.  Yeah, sure, we know that dogs don’t have ACLs.  But they do have knees and the lovely ligaments that sometimes don’t last, and Atticus now sports a revised sort of knee to the tune of thousands.  Throw recovery, rehabilitation, and therapy in for good measure.  We are there!  On the family dog vacation of a lifetime!

So the tradition of walking the dog continues.  We are two months out and serpentining hills and traversing uneven ground once more!  Surfing and sailing and walking on the sugary beaches of the westernmost Hawaiian island will surely come another year.