Farewell to “The Poppy - An Interview Series”

“THE POPPY - An Interview Series” has come to a close. Hothouse Magazine is ending its time online. Not to worry, though. All of the interviews have been archived here.

I've loved the procession of writers, artists, filmmakers, and dancers who've talked so openly about their work, how the world inspires and distracts, what they are caught up in and look forward to. And so, many thanks to all of them!

Yolanda Franklin, Andrew Lam, Jennifer Genest, Jamel Brinkley, Marlene Robbins, David Covey, Eliza T. Williamson, Matthew Draughter, Sharon Millar, Amy Wright, A.W. Sprague II, JoeAnn Hart, Emilie Staat, Brad Richard, Tim Watson, Brian R. Hauser and Christina Xydias, Claudia Zuluaga, Augusta Thomson, Bich Minh Nguyen, Susanna J. Mishler, Annie Bleecker, Kelly Magee and Carol Guess, and CJ Hauser.

I'll continue working on interviews with writers and artists at Newfound Journal, one or two in each issue - Autumn, Winter, and Spring. On October 1st Newfound's Autumn 2014 issue will be live with an interview with Luke B. Goebel about his novel, Fourteen Stories, None of Them Are Yours. The book is astounding, and the interview is wild, just like Luke. And in the Winter issue John Carr Walker will talk about the stories of Repairable Men, a beautiful collection that closes in on characters and their newly realized desires.

Back when I was a baby girl, just out of college, the chief editor of a magazine in New Orleans told me to go out into the world, talk to some folks, write up the words, and just maybe they'd publish them. I was far too shy and didn't follow her advice. And now, after all this time, look what's happened. I just can't stop talking to folks. Took me a while to find the way, and I'm so glad I did.