"The Cap"

When asked by Prime Number's Prose Editor, Cliff Garstang, about the inspiration for my story "The Cap," I responded:

"Barry Hannah once said of a rich and reckless woman he’d like to have punished for running down his dog in her SUV, 'I set out to destroy that woman. But instead I’ve immortalized her.' I do believe I’ve done the same with a rich and reckless man." 


"Mr. H is working on lost time, ill-conceived time, time that waits for no one. He hasn’t ever had this problem before and is unsure of how to handle it. It is a definite conundrum. Mr. H loathes conundrums and says so to himself. Out loud. “I loathe conundrums.” Still, all the clocks in the house keep ticking."

- from "The Cap" by Karin C. Davidson - Prime Decimals 13.2 - Flash Fiction 

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