2012 Best of the Net Nominations

Thanks to Len Kuntz and all the editors at Metazen, the itty bitty story I mentioned in a late June post, "White Stripes," has been nominated for the 2012 Best of the Net. Who says art doesn'tmake for more art?  Thanks Meg and Jack! 

That little turntable is spinning and so am I.


White Stripes

Last week when I wasn't looking, the online magazine, Metazen, published a little bitty story I wrote a few winters ago.  Happy to be there with the many other sweet little stories!

Here's a sample of White Stripes:

Once there were twins, all dressed in double stripes, the girl lolling on pinstriped lollipops, the boy spinning his whirligig. Fair of face with long dark tresses, the girl wished for better, louder things.

Note in January 2015 : Sadly, the magazine has gone the way of many online literary gems. And so… here's hoping the story finds itself in a print collection someday.