six - plus ONE - things about me





1.  The one and only time I tasted coquina stew was at New Smyrna Beach in 1965. Salt and sand.






2.  In 1968, I'd ride my Schwinn through the cemeteries in New Orleans, already knowing enough about the dead not to be scared.





3.  I still love to wait for parades. There aren't enough parades in this world. Obviously, I need to move back to New Orleans.







4.  My father, like Popeye, was a sailor man.




5.  Fluid in the ear is no joke. I now know why babies with earaches cry and cry and cry. 





6.  I love words more than fallen leaves.





and because in NOLA we love lagniappe - a little extra:

7.  I'm looking for a coastline to call home.