Yet Another Tulsa Story: "Surrey with the Fringe on Top"

Once I went to Tulsa. With my daughter. In the heat of August. Crazy things happened. Horses. Mansions. Praying hands. And I kind of fell a little in love with the place. Its many-sided attitude. And so I wrote a story about Tulsa that won a prize. And then I wrote another story. And if this keeps up, I'll probably end up writing a collection. About Tulsa. Crazier things have happened.

Because of all this, I've discovered a sweet little publication in Tulsa, which includes fiction and poetry and boasts all things Okiecentric called This Land Press. Indeed, they published that second story, dancing bear and all. And here it is! 

SURREY WITH THE FRINGE ON TOP: in which an unlikely hitchhiker catches a ride with a wanderer heading home. New fiction by Karin C. Davidson. 

2012 Best of the Net Nominations

Thanks to Len Kuntz and all the editors at Metazen, the itty bitty story I mentioned in a late June post, "White Stripes," has been nominated for the 2012 Best of the Net. Who says art doesn'tmake for more art?  Thanks Meg and Jack! 

That little turntable is spinning and so am I.