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Every story gets to a moment when it’s nearly there, but not quite. What's needed then just might be a detail-oriented edit, or a fresh perspective, or an encouraging, literary push. Maybe all of the above. As a short story writer and novelist, I have arrived here many times. With over 15 years of experience in workshops, literary magazine editing, and one-on-one editing consultations, I have guided story writers and novelists through these final moments. They've gone on to place their stories in The Atlantic Monthly, The Sun, The Saturday Evening Post, and The Kenyon Review.

I offer close readings with margin comments and line edits throughout, along with an extensive critique letter. I'll highlight your manuscript's strengths and weaknesses, follow thematic threads, consider structural elements, reflect on narrative voice and distance, and much more. Whether a single story, a story collection, or a novel, my objective is to help you recognize the essential story and feel confident to see the work through to completion. I'm also willing to share publishing and contest advice and my take on the world of workshops, residencies, and other venues where you can further your writing career. 

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Karin Cecile Davidson is as thoughtful, detail-oriented, fussy and creative an editor as any I know. She reads closely, pen in hand. Her observations are cogent and perceptive. She respects difference. She can explain herself at length. She sees the work from the inside out, her suggestions the product of great, even rare, intelligence. Her desire is to help the work satisfy its expectations. She is, herself, a writer of enviable skill. Best of all, she will make your work better.

– Lee K. Abbott (All Things, All at Once: New & Selected Stories; Wet Places at Noon; Living After Midnight; Dreams of Distant Lives; Strangers in Paradise; Love is the Crooked Thing; The Heart Never Fits Its Wanting)

During her time in the Lesley MFA program, Karin's fellow workshop participants invariably looked forward to her editorial suggestions. Karin approached the mss she critiqued with both global and specific insights. Her ability to see the larger thematic picture as well as to attend to prose at the stylistic level made her an invaluable part of the workshop atmosphere. Any writer entrusting his/her work to Karin knew the work was in deft hands and that the work would be returned with comments designed to do what any good editor does: to help the writer more fully execute his/her vision.

– Laurie Foos (Toast; The Blue Girl; The Giant Baby; Before Elvis There Was Nothing; Bingo Under the Crucifix; Twinship; Portrait of a Walrus by a Young Artist; Ex Utero)

A writer can have no better reader and editor than Karin Cecile Davidson. Karin’s gifts for encouraging me to believe in my writing, coupled with her exceptional editing and writing talents, helped me bring forth a version of the short story “We Are All Businessmen,” which finally made it into print in The Atlantic Monthly.  I am fortunate to have a writer, editor, and creative thinker like Karin in my corner.

– Mark Fabiano, MFA George Mason, PhD in Creative Writing SUNY-Binghamton / Novelist & Short Story Writer

I’ve known Karin Cecile Davidson for many years and had the pleasure of being a student at the Kenyon Writers Workshop when she was a Peter Taylor Fellow. She was an exemplary fellow in the classroom, and her guidance in our one-on-one conference was invaluable. She had detailed notes and edits on every generative workshop piece I had written, along with a great reading list she felt would help me get a better grasp on concepts I was struggling with. She also prepped me for a public reading, providing line edits that greatly improved the pacing of the piece aloud and on the page. Karin has great respect for the writer’s process and the truth in a story; I have trusted her with my work not only because she is an impeccable technical editor, but because she is a smart and sensitive reader who will not miss a beat. 

– Jennifer Genest, MFA Antioch University

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